Discover and manifest your co-creative potential

We are offering a practice group to explore our creative potential together. We can work and live from creativity. Creativity comes from a source beyond thinking. We can soften our internal voice and then open and speak from our intuitive impulses.

Below is a description of the structure for the practice group and a summary of the method.

6 participants – 6 meetings  

2 in-person meetings of 4 hours; 4 online meetings 2 of hours

The first and last meeting are in-person, and meetings 2,3,4,5 are online

The method focuses on creativity after establishing a safe and meditative (calmly creative) shared space. Confidence and wisdom grow in a field of trust. In a co-created space of potential, we dive into the unknown and witness the emergence of anything that is relevant in the moment. The process is powerful and proven and addresses any level of creativity through creating in the moment.

Participants will create with pencil, ink, torn paper, paint, words, movement, or sound. The technique is up to you. Maybe you like to experiment. It’s a way to feel free to explore and it serves a higher purpose. What questions or issues are relevant for you will emerge during the 6 sessions.

In the circle of 6, our intention is to organically discover, open, and express the magic of co-creation. I am using the Mapping the Future* method to quickly create a field of sharing. This is a practice of listening to and seeing each other unconditionally. In this field, we experience and express ourselves from intuition. We feel what resonates and give words to what moves us. In the process, the experiences add up, we become more precise. Individually, you might explore something in yourself or in relation to a project.

The sequence of sessions:

1.     Introduction to the method and to each other. After a relaxed potluck lunch, we tune into the creative quality of ourselves as individuals and of the others in the group.

2. What do you need to create? Do you have emotional boundaries that get in the way? What are the beliefs that might stop you?

3.     Essential creative energy in yourself, your work, your project – how to connect this energy with your will and purpose

4.     Creating from the unknown – what happens if you drop any control

5.     Creating from the richness and wisdom of your imagination – explore the edges of the impossible

6.      Presentation – you can show (depending on the time you can spend) a final work, a video, a booklet or a PP presentation or any other form you feel drawn to – we reflect on our experiences/interaction and share lunch, we conclude with a relevant practice

Because I am working from the emergence of the moment, the program may unfold a little differently in response to developing insights and what is most relevant for the group.

Costs Feel what you can pay or if you can’t afford any payment you are welcome too. My suggestion: €90 (€15 per session) or €150 (€25 per session) – the proceeds benefit the Mapping the future project

Dates first live session Saturday February 4, 2023, online sessions every two weeks on Tuesday evening 19.30 – 21.30 hrs. starting February 14th, 28th, March 14th, 28th, second live session tbd

Language. English

Q and A

I love reading to establish a safe and meditative space and to ignite confidence, wisdom and trust. Why is this important?

A safe space is our grounding field like it is in life and in any relationship. If you did not grow up in a field of trust, it is valuable to experience that you can establish a level of trust at any moment in your life. Through meditation, we ground in ourselves and can eventually address any issue without feeling fearful.

Does the word co-creation in this context mean that the group will create something together or each person creates something?

We initially create for ourselves and we co-create a mutual field – the method can be used to co-create together within a project but that can be the next stage

I’m curious to know what the edges of the impossible are.

Very good, I’m happy that you are curious to find out:)

In the end, will all participants present the final version of their creation? Like a celebration, or like giving birth, to what was growing (joyfully and painfully) during the process?  I’m addressing the challenge of putting the idea into tangible reality.

It will be like life – a work in progress and a reflection of what lives in the moment. If you can look unconditionally to yourself, you may be able to free yourself from your own judgment. You may become aware that you are embedded in the old story of wrong and right. You may be able to choose again and rewrite this story.

Our feedback will come from feeling and sharing what is going on in yourself, experiencing your own vulnerability and the vulnerability of others.

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