Exhibition concepts


I develop exhibition concepts and artprojects around personal and collective themes. The themes are explored together with the artists in a preliminary deepening awareness process. The exhibition concept can be applied with other participants (visual artists, poets, musicians, art students etc.) at different venues, also internationally. The preliminary phase consists of a 5-day working period and 3 on-line meetings.

In projects which maybe include exhibitions, rituals and preliminary awareness processes I introduce co-creativity and transparent communication in any stage. It starts from the deep awareness of seeing and honouring eachother in his or her full potential and appreciating their contribution. The themes and context of the projects are in service of life.


Example: Exhibition Image of my mother


In preparation:

Stil de tijd/Silent the time – with Jolanthe Lalkens (photography), Herko van Eerden (visual), Ron Jagers (visual), Jan Kees Helms (musician and composer) Ali Serik (poet) en Ger Bos (poet)

Field of Love: with Annemiek Vera (visual artist), Bart van Rosmalen (musician), Anouk van Saleming (writer), Ersin Eken (visual), Daniël Binnenkamp (performance), Maja Bolier (visual), Carolien Oostveen (visual), Astrid Hermes (photography), Maaike Masselink (video) en Charlotte Raats (visual).


The more clearly you understand yourself and your emotions, the more you become a lover of what is. – Baruch Spinoza


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