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The forbidden woman speaks is an ongoing series of workshops in which we do systemic research into the collective M / F balance. This imbalance manifests itself in all of us – men and women – (often unconsciously) and lies at the basis of injustice and inequality in relationships and in society.


Together we can contribute to making the invisible visible. The path leads through the personal and everyone can be a contribution to the collective.

Many topics can be found in Pamela Kribbe’s book The forbidden woman speaks and in many of her channelings that you will find on her website. We tune in to your specific questions during the sessions. The book is highly recommended. I have read it 5 times now and always find new inspiration.

The sessions are for everyone who is interested in their own process. As an artist, it can be a source to represent or translate. My experience is that the expression deepens the process. I invite a healing movement at the end of each session that can be expressed by everyone in their own way.

Let me know if you are interested. I coordinate dates and time of day with everyone via a date picker.

Dates: spring 2021

Sessions are in the evening and last 2 hours

Costs: € 100 for a 4x cutting card

Reaction of a participant:

Krijnie, my heart is full. I’m so grateful for this process of moving energy through art. After our call yesterday a simple collage for the story I’m writing became possible. Then, I was gifted, on my dreams last night, with a Brazilian song that goes very well with the message of the story. I don’t know how my subconscious was able to find a song that fits the writings so well. I will continue playing with this.


Book by Pamela Kribbe (available in English) with conversation, questions and answers (channeled messages) with Mary Magdalene. MM is portrayed as a visionary healer. There is a razor-sharp description of the shadow side of both the female and male energy (in men and women) and the book makes clear where the potential for a healing movement is. The conversation focuses on personal themes, dilemmas that have entered our collective consciousness over the centuries. This collective consciousness has given rise to unconscious assumptions that ignite the imbalance in our nowadays world. The themes are universal and recognizable for everyone.

You can feel the energetic transmission when reading the texts. The messages bring you closer to yourself – to your own truth and wisdom.

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